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Sunrise Alarm Clock, Wake Up Light Sunrise Simulator Daylight Alarm Clock for Heavy Sleepers, with 7 Colors, FM Radio, Nature Sounds, Snooze Function and Touch Control?

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3rd Jan 2018

I would suggest a clear-cut “No electronics after X PM” rule. Put your phone in airplane mode and put it down, or only allow yourself to read books (again in airplane mode). You could also set an evening alarm with a soothing tone that lets you know when it’s time to put down the electronics. To wake up, I use a wakeup light instead of my phone. It gradually gets brighter to simulate the sun rising, but it’ll also make a noise at the time you’ve set to get up, in case you were somehow able to sleep through the light. Head over to r/theXeffect and make yourself some cards for “No electronics past X pm” and other milestones for this goal you find motivational.