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Sunny Health & Fitness Treadmill, Gray (SF-T4400) , 62 2 L x 26 8 W x 47 3 H?

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19th May 2021

My GF has this one in the bedroom in her condo, it’s pretty quiet.


Hers is sitting on top of an area rug but really it should be on top of a foam mat to absorb the vibration from the running impact. She uses it at 7am most days and has never had a complaint from her downstairs neighbour.

She got it after the gym in her condo closed due to covid and has been using it for about a year. IMO this is a good option for the cold weather months but it’s nice outside you should go out and get some fresh air.

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29th Nov 2020

I also live in an apartment. That’s the major thing I kept in mind while researching cheap treadmills lol.

Here it is!