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27th Dec 2012

I really like David’s Tea. Adagio is pretty decent for their cheap sample packets–you can get a decent amount of tea for like $15! However, I found their teas to be pretty boring, honestly. I like intense flavors. I know teavana doesn’t get much love on here, but I think plenty of their teas are delicious and flavorful (my all time fav is peach tranquility. its delicious hot, cold, it doesnt matter if you oversteep, it’s yummy as hell)

Get an electric kettle. I’m also in college, and my school is pretty strict with fire codes and inspections. We’ve never gotten written up about having an electric kettle. If you are worried about it, hide it when you are not using it. I think this is our exact kettle. It’s cheap, it is easy to clean, and it works. We must use this thing a zillion times a day and its 2 years old, no sign of wear n tear.

As far as where to get tea, like I said, I wasnt really satisfied with Adagio. I got a lot for the money, but I didn’t find any of their teas (of the ten or so samples I got) to be terribly enjoyable. I thought they were all very bland. If you’re looking for plain black loose tea that isn’t terribly interesting, they’re a good place to start. Teavana is having a huge sale right now, check it out! They are normally to expensive for me, but 75% off is not shabby.

I recently discovered Davids Tea which I have fallen in love with. I am extremely excited to try more of their teas. They’re not super cheap but they’re not really that expensive either. I am excited to try more of their stuff, but from what I can see, they’re of good quality. ALSO, wegmans! Dunno if you have a wegmans near you, but they always have a great selection of loose leaf tea. Plus there’s no annoying sales assoc to talk you into buying everything. You can pull out a cansister, give it a whiff, fill up a bag as much as you want and weigh it and print the price sticker. They have a pretty decent sized loose tea collection, along with high quality bagged teas. Also, I feel like a bad person saying this, but the weigh-it-yourself scale system at wegmans leaves a lot of room for being a cheapskate (which is very tempting as a fellow college student). You can put your finger under the scale, or simply put in the code for a much cheaper tea. I see it all the time.

eta: dont ever microwave plain water. here you go