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Styles II Mojo Handheld Body Massager 10 Pulsation – Great at – Home for Neck, Back, Shoulder, Waist, Feet – Suitable for All?

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20th Nov 2015

Thanks! My only concern with that one you linked is it doesn’t have the same kind of material as the Durex bullet. The shape and material of that one really appeals to me – also, I’d like to do at least a bit of penetration with it. Although as I don’t really have experience I might not be making sound judgement.

I’ll look into hitachi wands on Amazon. Thanks friend.

Edit: I found this on Amazon. Do you think it would be the same kind of thing? I’d be concerned that the quality wouldn’t be of the same standard.

Edit #2: Nevermind, I was actually able to find a real hitachi on Amazon. Thanks so much! Only $50 that’s a steal haha.