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Stuffed Animal Storage Bean Bag Chair for Kids,24″ Extra Large Beanbag Cover Only, Plush Toys Organization and Holder (Yellow Giraffe)?

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15th Aug 2021

I’d buy a bed frame tall enough to slide bins underneath with the bonus of it making a hide out. Do not make it fancy or she won’t want to put the bins back. I wouldn’t buy bins with lids.

Actual bookcase and I might look for something low that would fit under the window. Top would make a good play surface, keep it clear. Go through them regularly and rehome books that she doesn’t like reading. It’s fine to keep baby books she still loves though.

Rather than a hammock if there’s floor space buy a ‘beanbag’ to hold the stuffed toys. They’d be contained and wouldn’t get dusty. She could choose a couple to sleep with and they’d be easy to put away if all have to come out to play.

Make it a habit to make the bed. No top sheet or blanket, just a cover on the duvet that’s washed once a week.

Kids need guidance much longer than one would hope for. Every single day part of bedtime routine or before dessert or TV or whatever help her pick up the room. Maybe there is some amazing book about decluttering like Goodnight Moon is for going to sleep that you could read as the room gets straightened up. There are loads of them, you’ll have to figure out which ones resonate with you and your daughter.

Before her birthday, Christmas and any other holiday where stuff come in go through the room to remove toys she doesn’t play with, are incomplete or damaged.