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Stretch Sheets Set King Size – Microfiber Jersey Knit & T-Shirt Like Extra Soft, 4 Way Stretchy Bed Sheets to Fit Most Mattress, Wrinkle Resistant – 4 Piece Sets, White, Cal King/King?

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13th Aug 2021

I am only an amateur mattressologist, but I love research so here’s my take on all your question!:
– Negative online reviews: Regardless if these are real or curated reviews, no one can say what your experience will be. It’s frustrating to acknowledge this, but it’s an inconvenient truth (and a general sentiment shared by many who just want firm, quick answers in their mattress search). I have read literally hundreds of review now for various mattresses where for each positive review, there is a negative review stating the opposite, and vice versa. However, based on your stats (light body weight, shifts positions frequently, frequent rotation, etc), you LIKELY will not have an issue with sagging or indentation, provided you have a reasonable sturdy base for your mattress.

– A mattress protector is basically a must for any new mattress if you want
to avoid any warranty issues, and protect against normal body secretions like
sweat, sebum, semen (giggity), urinary accident, or straight up spills. I highly recommend reading this post on different mattress protectors, because choosing the right one for you requires a bit of research in itself. Just keep in mind, you will never find a mattress that’s a perfect 10 in every major mattress category (liquid protection, breathability/heat retention, and effect on feel of a mattress). An increase in one category will affect another. Having said that, you can certainly make an informed decision based on what’s important to you. Anecdotally, I purchased this one for my 100% latex mattress that has a textured top layer. It works well for me as I do not eat or drink in bed, don’t have children or pets in bed to worry about accidents, and really only need protection for the top of my mattress. So in my case, I’ve traded a reduced amount of protection for increased breathability and reduced affect on feel.

– Mattress toppers: don’t waste your money on a mattress topper until you’ve sleep on your mattress and know if you need one. While yes, a mattress topper can help extend the life of your mattress (or more specifically, the top comfort layers), it can significantly impact the feel of it which negates having a great mattress you want to extend the life of. It sounds like you already love the feel of your mattress -don’t mess with that.

– Sheets: I would suggest getting a STRETCHY bottom sheet? Why? Because the more stretch, the less it will affect the feel of your mattress. Sheets that are too tight can create a drum effect, causing your mattress to feel more firm. These jersey sheets have been recommended on this forum before for this very reason. However, to help keep cool and wick away moisture, a linen, cotton, or bamboo top sheet (or any blend of these) will not drape over you and trap heat like a jersey knit would. I personally have this combo of the above bottom sheet, a linen or cotton top sheet, and bamboo or silk pillow cases.

– Pillows: I would start with just 1-2 pillows until you know what your new sleep system needs. As you said – you may be able to not even use a pillow sometimes! Otherwise, since you sleep in multiple positions, a good place to start may be a “neutral” flat, pillow. If you don’t like the feel of memory foam, you may like latex (you sleep IN memory foam, you sleep ON latex). Something like a high quality solid talalay pillow, or if you want to try an adjustable pillow, I personally recommend this shredded latex one. I adjust the filling as needed between lounging on my back and sleeping on my stomach.

– Bed fans: I don’t have any personal experience with these so I can’t say much on this top. Two brands mentioned on here before are BedFan and BedJet.

– Adjustable frame: As with ALL bedding options, this is a personal preference and impossible to know if it will be “worth it” to you. From a conservative approach, I would first try your new sleep system at home for awhile and decide if you need something more to make yourself the most comfortable. From personal experience, I tried adjustable frames in stores and didn’t care for them, as I pretty much just read and sleep in bed. I would recommend you try before you buy if you are considering one.