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23rd Nov 2015

Well, first I would like to point out that all of these are confidence issues. So tackle that, and the rest will follow. Consider both sides of solving this, both mindset, and physical. A therapist could be helpful in improving self confidence, or you could look into meditation.

While I don’t like recommending specific services, its hard to get around giving useful information without sharing what has worked for me. Headspace has been useful for me, and I would recommend looking into gratitude mediations. They seem to have a the effect of improving relationships with the side benefit of boosted self-esteem too.

Next, on the physical side, working out has time and time again been proven to improve self confidence. It sounds like your problem, is lack of knowledge on what to do on your own, and a tough time sticking to others plans. I think the best way to fix this is to get a book like Strength Training Anatomy ( again, sorry for product placement ) to help you understand what exercises are effecting what muscles. At least for me, understanding WHY you are doing something helps me stick to it.

Ideally you will want to attack it from both the mental, and physical sides for the biggest improvement. Just remember that you are young, have plenty of time to reach your goals, and to not be too hard on yourself. Just do the best you can do.