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SteelSeries Apex M800 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard – RGB LED Backlit – Linear & Quiet Switch?

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17th Sep 2016

Having used rubber domes & scissor switches all my life, I find the tall keys and deep valleys of most mechanical keyboards really difficult. Are there any mechanical keyboards with lower/flater profiles?

I was thinking about this Steelseries keyboard as the lowish profile looks like it’d fit my preference; but the reviews don’t inspire much confidence in the quality of the rest of the product.

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14th Jul 2015

It’s this keyboard – I cannot judge as I fell for Logitech’s Orion Spark instead of buying a real Keyboard such as a Ducky

Looking at past digital unlocks from hardware or Steelseries you have a 5$ Market Hells Glare, 15$ Market SoV, and the Kantusa. Am I forgetting one?

So, I think you forgot “kappa”?

Keyboard could be legit for RGB without custom Key Caps. If you can live without custom key caps.

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25th Apr 2015

The Steelseries QS1 is a low travel linear switch with center LED and is used in the Steelseries M800.

The M800 will be released May 1 according to Amazon:


Pretty smooth and should have pretty even backlighting with a centered LED. Unlike the RomerG it does not have a lightpipe so I am curious to see how much light bleed it will have. 45g linears and a bit smoother than Cherry MX Reds.


I confirmed the switch is indeed codeveloped by Kailh (it is labeled “Kailh” on the top of the switch and “©Steelseries” under that) and is the PG1583:



Stay tuned for more KEYBOARD SCIENCE!

The Lobo keycap is available here:


Initial thought is superb craftmanship [especially on the stem] and molding but the eyes are a bit funky. Maybe in the next design use gunsight light pipes!

Thanks again to our Friends at the Vietnamese Mechanical Keyboard Facebook Club for sending me these!