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SteelSeries Apex 5 Hybrid Mechanical Gaming Keyboard – Per-Key RGB Illumination – Aircraft Grade Aluminum Alloy Frame – OLED Smart Display (Hybrid Blue Switch)?

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24th Sep 2021

Steelseries apex 5 with blues, last in stock

Doesnt seem like a bad deal. I managed to score a blackwidow elite for $50 about a few months ago due to the warehouse discounts.

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24th Jul 2020

I just got this one and I’d definitely recommend it. Good company I have a headset by them too both are the best I’ve owned. SteelSeries Apex 5 Hybrid Mechanical Gaming Keyboard – Per-Key RGB Illumination – Aircraft Grade Aluminum Alloy Frame – OLED Smart Display (Hybrid Blue Switch) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07ZGDD6B1/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_lkYgFb81T3ZQ7

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8th May 2021


Here. So a few things. Unfortunately, early august is a bit too early, since there is a global silicon shortage at the moment, so getting your hands on an rtx 3060 ti is going to be near impossible. It could last into summer 2022 though I am hoping for something better.

Secondly, whilst getting both an AMD GPU and CPU does allow you to get a small handy boost to performance, it’s not something I would do really. The first reason is that AMD GPUs aren’t that good. The rx 6700 xt isn’t much better (2% difference) than the rtx 3060 ti, yet is more expensive, and has much worse RT and no DLSS (upscaling) or NVENC encoder (handy streaming tool). The rx 6800 is pretty good, but it’s expensive at $580, and still lacks good RT, DLSS and NVENC.

AMD CPUs are good, but damn are they expensive. The R5 3600 is sort of an outdated part, it was good when it was selling at $170, but now at $250, can’t recommend it. Intel is cheaper and better with the i5-11400. The R5 5600x is good, but it’s overkill for graphically demanding games that don’t care about cpu power. It’s also bloody expensive for a 6 core system and hard to find in stock. I would say that it’s better for high-end $2k builds (for just the tower) or for esport gamers where esport games can actually utilize the performance of the 5600x.

Third, overclocking don’t bring much performance to the table. Here on tech power up you can see that increasing the wattage by 50% on the best overclocking card (Asus strix) and performing the strongest overclock possible on an rtx 3060 ti AIB card brings you a whopping 3% FPS increase. Yeah… I wouldn’t do it for the performance.

Anyways, a walkthrough of the parts.


The core i5-11400 is probably the best price-performance CPU out there at the moment. It has 6 cores, which is enough for gaming, but not for streaming, though in this build the graphics card will be doing the streaming. It should be enough for good performance in games and will prevent a CPU bottleneck. It also has integrated graphics, so you can play Minecraft, maybe TABS too, all those less demanding games will run decently on the iGPU. Wouldn’t recommend playing AAA games though, or else your FPS will drop to 20-30.

CPU cooler:

The ID SE 224 XT basic is a cheap but good CPU cooler. It has 4 copper heat pipes and can handle up to a 8 core CPU OC without throttling. It has pretty decent looks and noise levels aren’t too bad. Solid cooler. If you want some RGB, this CM 212 Evo has it, though this isn’t addressable RGB, so you can only display one static color. In terms of cooling and noise it’s very, very similar to the ID SE 224 XT basic.


The Asus TUF gaming B560 Plus is a nice mid-range B560 board. It has a solid rear I/O (4 usb 2.0, 4 usb 3.2, 1 small USB C, 5 audio jacks), large enough RMs to prevent throttling, 2.5Gb Ethernet, 2 RGB and 2 ARGB headers, a pre-installed I/O shield, good software and good expansion options (6 SATA, 4 RAM, 2 M.2 (one being PCIE4.0). Out of stock at the moment though. The MSI B560 torpedo is also very similar, it’s a bit more expensive but it’s in stock and has an extra M.2 slot, a bit larger VRM heatsinks and is ATX instead of mATX.


Cheap 2x16GB sticks. For gaming, 16GB is fine, though when streaming some memory intensive AAA games like MS flight sim, 32GB might be needed. It’s also really fast, 3600mhz CL16 hits the sweet spot for gaming.


Dirt cheap NVME SSD.

Graphics card:

The rtx 3060 ti is in my opinion the best card for 1440p gaming. The rtx 3080 is probably overkill for 1440p and the rtx 3070 is barely any faster than the rtx 3060 ti. Any model will do really, though there are definitely differences between models in terms of noise and overclocking. I would aim for C-A tier.


Cheap, with 2 ARGB fans near the front, a glass panel, great airflow, and decent cable management, it’s a pretty good option. I recommend a case fan for the rear for better airflow and included one.

Power supply:

650w is plenty for your build, even with say a strong GPU overclock. This PSU is also gold certified and fully modular with excellent build quality and a 10 year warranty which is also very handy.


Putting two options here. The gigabyte M27Q is the best value/cheap 1440p monitor. It has solid response times of around 5ms, a few adjustments with the stand, good peak brightness, overall really solid monitor. The MSI MAG274QRF-QD is more or less the highest-end 1440p 144hz monitor. It has slightly better response times of around 3.5ms, and a better stand, but probably needs to be calibrated before use. It also has a better stand. Both are really good options and you can see a more detailed comparison here.


Included a handful of options from different price points. The cheapest one that isn’t pure trash is the reddragon K552. It’s one of the cheapest mechanical keyboards. It has full RGB backlighting, linear red switches with a medium operating force, and is mechanical, and yeah that’s really the only good things. Latency is mediocre (25ms), and the RGB can’t be customized very well, but it’s hard to beat for the price.

The HyperX FPS alloy origins is another really solid keyboard. It uses linear switches, so a nice direct press with low operating force. It has full RGB backlighting that can be customized via software from HyperX, though it doesn’t mix as well, so colors won’t look all that uniform. Latency is very low at 5ms.

If you prefer a nice clicky sound, go with the steelseries apex 5. It uses clicky keys with a bit more operating force. This one has better RGB with better mixing, so colors will be more uniform. It also comes with a wrist rest. One downside is the high latency (25ms).

The apex 7 is similar to the apex 5, but uses linear switches. There are also options with tactile and clicky switches.


Similarly, I included 3 options. The steelseries rival 3 is the best budget mouse, with a good size and grip, a few extra buttons and a good sensor. There is also a wireless version for a bit more.

The Razer deathadder V2 is a bit better, with lower latency, a bit better cable and build quality, and is more customizable. Doesn’t have a wireless version though.

The Razer viper ultimate is probably the best mouse on the market, compared to the rival 3 it is more comfortable, lower latency, lighter, has more buttons which are also more programmable, and uses a charging pad instead of batteries.

So yeah, that concludes it. Hope you like it.

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29th Dec 2020

Out of the three which would you get?

I’ll be using it for gaming but also for day to day use. I’m looking for something that can last me many years and would be comfortable to use.

SteelSeries Apex 5 Hybrid


Razor Huntsman


Razor Blackwidow elite


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12th Dec 2020

Deal link: Amazon

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12th Jul 2020

May i recommend this at the tail end of 100$ or this for 90$?