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Steelcase Series 1 Office stool, Nickel?

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31st Dec 2020

Not really helpful for you, but I just bought a Steelcase drafting height chair and it is AMAZING (and a big thank you to Uncle Sam for picking up the tab!). I really wanted adjustable arm rests and lumbar support and since it’s a drafting chair, the max and min heights are important to me. I have the drafting table set at standing height currently and the canister on my old chair (which has great reviews!) isn’t holding up so it didn’t lift high enough for me to sit in it while the desk is at standing height.

I’m hoping that if I shell out $500 now it will last for 5 years or more (and it has a pretty good warranty so I think it will) as opposed to spending $250 (that’s what the Modway was when I bought it – clearly you can get it for cheaper now) every 2 years for a less enjoyable sitting experience.