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Steelcase Gesture Office Chair – Cogent: Connect Licorice Fabric, Low Seat Height, Shell Back, Light on Light Frame, Polished Aluminum Base?

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29th Jun 2021

I have a Steelcase desk from the 70’s I bought at the state surplus store. It feels brand new. A buddy of mine has a 1950’s “Banker Chair” from them that is practically indestructible.

If you’re going to drop a grand on a chair, get the 2021 Steelcase Gesture.

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30th Jun 2018

Steelcase Gesture Chair for sale.

Color: Licorice

Condition: Pretty much new. Bought in January of this year, only one user (me). I replaced the wheels with ones suitable for hardwood, still have the originals and will include them with the chair as well.

Amazon’s Price: $1,036

My Price: $800 or best offer

I don’t have the original box, so ideal situation is for you to come pick it up. Elevators, no stairs or anything.

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5th Aug 2021

So, back in Decemberish, after working from home for 8 months, I started developing back/chest pains bad enough that I ultimately had my wife take me to the ER thinking I was having cardiac issues or some shit.

They said I was fine, gave me muscle relaxers and sent me on my way.

I started to review everything at home and finally realized that the problem was with my office chair. I had a $100-200 chair from Costco with a netted bottom, and it turns out that due to my posture the chair was basically wrecking my back by the end of the week. Hadn’t been an issue prior to working from home because I didn’t sit in the chair for 8 hours a day.

My personal recommendation is not to cheap out on a chair.

After talking to folks online, and dong some research here and there I ultimately settled on a Steelcase Gesture chair: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B016OIF2U4

Obviously the first reaction is going to be “Holy shit, that’s an expensive chair”, but the office chairs a normal office tends to buy aren’t much cheaper and do a significantly better job keeping you comfortable for an extended period of time. Most “cheap” office chairs are more like “home office” chairs and they expect you to use them for like 1-2 hours at a time or something. Prolonged use gets painful.

2nd place was going to be a SecretLabs chair: https://secretlab.co/ which are slightly cheaper, but still up there. I didn’t get a SecretLab chair mostly because I couldn’t get one for months back in December, and I was in enough pain that I needed one ASAP, and Amazon came through.

But do your ass, your back, and yourself, a favor and don’t cheap out on a chair. Research, and choose the one you think it going to be right by you.

Within about 2-3 weeks of getting the Steelcase my back issues went away, and 8 months later the pain is still gone, and I couldn’t be happier.

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23rd Sep 2016

My goodness. So many people think they’re overpriced and here I am eyeing this.