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Steel Sweat Weight Lifting Belt – 4 Inches Wide by 10mm – Single Prong Powerlifting Belt that’s Heavy Duty – Vegetable Tanned Leather – HYDE Brown Medium?

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11th Nov 2021

Deadlift day

  • Conventional deadlifts – 405x5x5
  • Zercher squats – 225x5x5
  • Ab wheel – 3×10
  • BJJ + 3.4mi walked in 60min

Prosecutor: /u/JubJubsDad could you show us on this doll where the bad man hurt you?

Raises trembling finger and points to elbows.

Prosecutor: There you have it ladies and gentlemen of the jury, conclusive evidence that /u/BenchPauper is a very bad man.

Honestly the elbows weren’t the worst of it. The biggest problem I had was getting a breath between reps. First rep is easy, but trying to hold brace and breath in an out after each rep is almost impossible.


So I upgraded my cheapy belt for a fancy Pioneer lever belt with the PAL system. It’s not as big a bump in support as I was hoping for, but being able to pop the lever between sets and breath deeply is great. And being able to adjust the fit in 1/4″ increments is another big plus.