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Steel Sweat Powerlifting Belt for Weight Lifting – 4″ Wide by 10mm Thick – Single Prong Heavy Duty Adjustable Weightlifting Belt, High Grade Leather – BOLT Black Large?

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9th Jul 2019

I got this one from Amazon! It has really good reviews, so hopefully I like it!

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17th Oct 2020

So I want to do a competition sorta soon, and since It’s my first one I’m not gonna stress about the numbers or peaking or anything, but I do want to make sure all my gear is comp legal because honestly I’m not completely sure.

I have this belt, it’s a steel sweat 4 inch 10mm, which as far as i understand is legal

For knee sleeves I use these Ironbull 7mm sleeves

For shoes, I couldn’t find the link but I’m pretty sure they’re Adidas powerlift 3s, they’re the Christmas edition ones

And I’m thinking about picking up some of the notorious lift deadlift slippers- those are comp legal right?

Also does the type of chalk you use matter? Is anything off limits?