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Steel Series SteelKeys 6G Gaming Keyboard (20071)?

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5th Oct 2016

I am pretty sure that is a knock off steelseries. It looks nothing like the box I got my 6gv2 in or even the board its self. The one I have is Cherry mx Reds but I do believe they also make it in brown.


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13th Nov 2016

I googled for a bit and found some juicy info (there is probably even more out there, but I’m lazy).

Let’s begin with “The World’s First Mechanical Keyboard Designed For Gaming” designed by Razer and released in 2010.

But wait there is more: GIGABYTE Introduces Worldwide 1st Mechanical Gaming Keyboard… “GIGABYTE boasts its mechanical tactile system, featuring no-click Cherry MX-linear Series key switches” WHAT A SHOCKER, it’s an article from 2008 EVEN BEFORE Razer did it, HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE?

AND IT GETS EVEN BETTER SteelSeries Announces 7G Professional Gaming Keyboard IN 2007, but wait, wasn’t there a 6g before there was a 7g or a 6gv2? THERE WAS, but it’s basically impossible to find any info about it, other than amazon stating that it was first available on their site in 2004

But wait, Razer said that they made the first Mechanical keyboard designed for gaming? I think I dug too deep and hit a conspiracy… I’ll hide from now on, if I stop posting Razer has found and abducted me…..