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StarTech.com 2 Port USB VGA KVM Switch – Single VGA – Hot-Key & Audio Support – 2048×1536 @60Hz KVM Switch – KVM Video Switch (SV211KUSB)?

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10th Aug 2020

What is your PC’s output? Also, how old is your laptop that it only outputs VGA? Daaaamn.

You’re probably best off going with a VGA/USB KVM, something like a Startech SV211KUSB or an IOGear GCS42UW6. You might need to get an adapter for your PC’s video output (HDMI/DVI/DP to VGA) if your PC has no VGA output.

If your laptop shares any digital outputs with your PC (HDMI, DVI, DP), that would be a better option to go for, but if it’s really >just< VGA, you’re kinda hosed.

Or you could go for a software KVM like Synergy, which would allow you to control one PC from the other via LAN. In some ways, this is better because you get clipboard sharing as well (which allows you to copy from one PC and paste onto the other), and then you won’t have to deal with an analog VGA connection.