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Stamina X Hyper Bench – Smart Workout App, No Subscription Required – Hyperextension and Core Strengthening Station?

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7th Jan 2016

You can do the reverse hyper off of a weight bench, or even a smaller bed if it’s positioned right. I just bought this hyper bench and it’s very nice. It folds up easily and sits against the wall.

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15th Aug 2016

My wife wants to buy this bench. Says its for abs and back. Does anyone think this has utility? I do not quite understand the function.

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19th Feb 2019

Ice Cream Fitness 5×5 is for you. It’s been around for years, tried and true. All you need is a barbell and/or dumbells, and a half rack aka. squat stand, and of course a bench to lay and sit on. Dicks Sporting Goods has an Olympic barbell and weights set for cheap and will last you a good while until you’re more advanced and want a nicer barbell or need to buy more weights.

Also, to stay cheap, buy an olympic dumbbell handle, so you can use the same weight plates you use on the barbell with the dumbbell handle so you don’t need to waste money and space on individual dumbbells.





These are the things I own and use daily and it’s all held up great from months of use. It’s cheap, works, not shitty and fragile though.