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Stamina Conversion II Recumbent Exercise Bike/Rower | Dual Workout on One Machine | Multi-Function LCD Monitor | Smooth Magnetic Resistance?

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19th Jul 2017

I’m not the OP, but I have a question about recumbent versus upright bikes. I have never been able to stick with an exercise plan. I have an exercise bike, and at the time I bought it it’s what I thought a recumbent bike is, in that you sit upright and can lean back on the seat somewhat. But now that I’m googling the levine protocol I’m seeing some people mention using bikes like this:


And also something called an ergometer bike where you’re completely supine.

This isn’t the exact model of my bike but exactly what it looks like:


I’m wondering if it’s worth it to invest in a more supine bike. Have you used this program? Did you get one like I showed in the Amazon link or one that is completely supine?