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Stamina 4825 Magnetic Resistance Recumbent Bike?

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17th Jan 2019

This is great!

I play while on my exercise bike, and it’s been a real pleasure.

Here’s my setup in case anyone’s interested in doing their own version.

  • Recumbent exercise bike. This one has served me fine. I didn’t do much research beyond reading Amazon reviews when I bought it some years ago.
  • Wire rack shelving (I think I bought one of these from Target?). To function as a “table” for your monitor, spanning the front of the exercise bike. Make sure it’s wide and high enough to accommodate your feet and knees as you pedal.

This has been a great setup for me. When I’m sitting on the exercise bike, it feels natural to start pedaling. It’s more comfortable to pedal than it is to sit, honestly, unless I’m already worn out from cycling. So it doesn’t require a great exertion of willpower to exercise with this setup.

It’s a moderate workout. I can work up a good sweat after awhile, but I’m not drippingly haggard afterward like dudes in some athletic-wear ad. If you’re into gentle improvements rather than competitive scorekeeping — an attitude I imagine resonates with Stardew Valley fans — then it can meld relaxation and productivity in a really wonderful way.