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Source Naturals Wellness EpiCor with Vitamin D-3 for Heightened Immune Defense – 120 Capsules?

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4th Dec 2017

Epicor Immune, without question.

twice a day thru flu season and once a day the other 8mo or so out of the year.

working in the medical field, i have absolutely noticed a difference

even when i do get sick, the course of illness seems shortened despite my aging (i have been taking it for years now)

usually this one https://www.amazon.com/Source-Naturals-Wellness-Vitamin-Heightened/dp/B006WWHHKQ/ is 25/bottle for 120caps, but i think they are on short supply at the moment.

next best option is https://www.amazon.com/Healthy-Origins-Clinically-Support-Capsules/dp/B0010YAFCI/?th=1