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SoundMAGIC HP100 Premium Over-the-Ear Folding Headphones (Black)?

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9th Aug 2015

So I have a PC with two speakers set up on either side and a sub that gives some bass to the music. If I don’t turn the bass dial up on the sub the music ends up sounding really flat and sharp, but the bass makes it come alive.

I’m an audiophile who hates dynamic range compression and archives FLAC. I’m also a metalhead who loves to listen to synthpop and darkwave (Crystal Castles, Chvrches, Ratatat, Purity Ring, Tame Impala). Everything I’ve mentioned so far is to give you some reference of what I’m looking for vaguely.
My budget is between $150 and $200. Are these headphones below good? I know that I want good soundstage. Active noise cancellation is a wholly unnecessary feature when a good set of headphones can do it passively. I would rather allocate the money on superior sound quality.

From what I’ve been told most metal heads prefer a neutral sound signature generally. But does that mean the headphones down below are going to sound as flat and sharp as my PC speakers when I have the sub’s bass turned off? Or is it just a well-balanced combination between the various sound signatures?