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SOUNDBOKS 2 – The Loudest Wireless Bluetooth Speaker, Includes BATTERYBOKS – Black?

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1st Dec 2020

Take a look at the SOUNDBOKS 2 or the Bose S1 pro

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23rd Nov 2019

Again, the main issue here with the single battery for that setup is the heat dissipation. If you were playing outdoor festivals in Northern Sweden or Iceland or something, I would probably say go for it. That would be like playing inside a refrigerator and I think that the ambient temperature paired with the battery’s internal cooling fan would do an adequate job keeping the components cool enough. But playing festivals in the desert or summertime in the Southern US, or even just in direct sunlight? No way. I don’t know if you’ve ever seen a lithium battery failure, but it’s pretty scary (Example 1, Example 2), These are small-scale examples. I can’t even begin to imagine what a failure on something that large would be like. Definitely not something to treat casually. And let me tell you, 275 Watts is A LOT to be pulling off of one battery.

As far as your car battery (lead-acid type) example, this would be a much more stable, less-risky setup. Lead-acid (car) batteries are much less energy dense than lithium-ion or lithium-polymer batteries and thus, combined with different chemistry, have MUCH less risk of violent failure. However, being less energy dense, you would need a lot of them to power your equipment for any substantial amount of time and you would also need an inverter to turn the 12v DC from the batteries into 120v AC, as needed for your setup. This would probably be a pretty cumbersome setup, be a pain in the ass to transport, and you would need some decent electrical knowledge of how to build it and hook it all up, but definitely an option if you’re willing to endure the non-portability.

The biggest power draw from your system is your speakers/monitors. If you could seperate that component entirely, then there is absolutely no problem running the computer and dj controller from a battery pack. If I were you, I would maybe look into something like this for your setup. And maybe a small battery pack for your computer. That kind of setup might get you 2 days worth of performance time from one initial charge. That idea is still pretty expensive, I know. There’s not really an easy solution for this haha. They all have their downfalls, being it: Risk vs. Portability vs. Price.

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13th Jun 2019
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30th Jul 2018

I’m not sure if this is the right sub for this, but I need some help.

My mom wants a powerful battery or battery/wired Bluetooth speaker that’s loud enough for a party.

I know wired will always be better but she’s very insistent on battery operated. It doesn’t have to be ‘portable.’ Budget is $600 max.

My main question is, I’m having trouble searching for this. Is this a type of speaker that I don’t know of? Everything that I’ve looked up results with the small speakers that are portable.

Im looking for something like this but obviously cheaper. But that concept.

Any insight?

I’ve been considering the Bose S1 but am I really just buying brand?

Thanks guys. If there’s a better sub for this question could you point me in the right direction?