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Sound Oasis Illumy GTS-3000 NASA Technology Night Mask | Pulsed Light Sleep Therapy for Men and Women | Deep Relaxation into Tranquil REM Sleep | Sleep Aid | Great Eye Mask for Trav?

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15th Mar 2019

Reading this gave me the idea that a great invention would be a sleep mask that woke you up with light–silent, even moreso than vibrations, and also a natural stimulant! Unfortunately, when I looked it up I only found two variants: Napwell, which apparently gave up on selling the product after a failed Shark Tank experience, and Illumy, which looks great but has all these unnecessary “promoting sleep with light” bonus features that shoot the price up to about $100 (at least it’s rechargeable). I can’t afford that, but if you have the money, this could be a good option?

Alternatively, you could try one of those headphone headbands for sleeping and see if they work for making your alarm a solo experience. They generally seem cheaper, and my only concern would be if the speakers effectively contain the audio or if they let the noise leak out like some headphones do. Maybe you can look around to see if any reviews talk about that issue or lack thereof.

Good luck!