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Sound by Boho Wireless Bluetooth Speaker with Hands Free + MP3 Playerand Now Bluetooth Receiver – Red?

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6th Jan 2015

That was pretty much my take on it too. I have one of those uber-portable Boho speakers. Does it get optimal sound? No, I’m sure audiophiles would not jump on it. But it does give pretty good sound and I take it everywhere with me, both inside the house and outside. The thing costs me $30 during an Amazon sale.

I also have a Motorola Stream bluetooth/NFC tap to play adapter for my older home entertainment system. That one I got as an attagirl from work. It’s kind of neat in that the kids can just tap it with their phones or bluetooth pair it (for their iPhone buddies) to play their music on our downstairs stereo system, effectively upgrading our circa 2005 system to the mobile era.

Neither of these leave me wanting for a wifi powered system. I’m not saying that Chromecast Music doesn’t have a place, just doesn’t seem like a no-brainer buy to me, unless they’re really priced to sell.