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Sony Wireless Headphones?

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10th Oct 2017

They let in as much noise as Apples Airpods or the wired one. They are not sealed. If you want the noise isolation then get a different pair of headphones like the Sony WX-1000x


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3rd May 2018

Budget – <$200 USD preferably, but will consider all recommendations

Source – LG G6; bluetooth connection

Requirements for Isolation – High isolation preferable

Will you be using these Headphones in Public? possibly

Preferred Type of Headphone – fully wireless for use exercising, mowing lawn, at work, etc.

Preferred tonal balance – Balanced, can be slightly bassy

Past headphones – At home I use a pair of DT990 Pro’s; At work I use my Shure SE215’s. I love both but want something more convenient for using on the go

Preferred Music – Classic rock with some modern pop thrown in occasionally

What would you like to improve on from your set-up – Need a BT solution

I look forward to your suggestions. I’ve currently got the JLabs Epic Air and the Sony WF 1000X on my list of options. I like the Sony’s small form factor and solid balanced sound signiture, but the JLabs 7hr listening time is a huge plus in its favor. I’ve read that both have some connectivity issues but they don’t seem severe enough to deter me unless there is a significantly better solution available.

Sony WF 1000X new $180, refurb $110

JLabs Epic Air new $150

Thanks in advance

Edit: added links to my current options