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Sony MDRZX330BT/B Bluetooth Stereo Headset, Black?

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30th Apr 2016

I tried the QC 25 at the store and they were the most comfortable pair of headphones I’ve ever worn. So light, with enough space for my ears.
I don’t really care about noise cancelling feature, this actually left a weird buzzing in my ear that hurt. I just want something similar in weight/comfort (around ear, not on-ear) and if possible wireless for under a hundred bucks? is that possible?

EDIT to follow rules:
Budget – <$100
Source – Laptop/phone
Requirements for Isolation – Some isolation is nice. Active cancelling not needed.
Place of use: Home and library/starbucks
Preferred Type of Headphone – Full sized- like bose qc25
Past headphones – These sonys. They sound ok but squish the ears. Probably need around ear, not on ear.
Preferred Music – For studying/podcasting lectures. Occasional music