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Sony MDRZ7 Hi-Res Stereo Headphones?

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2nd Sep 2018

I can relate my experience with the Sony MDR-Z7. Last summer for some reason Amazon Warehouse was flush with returned Z7s. They’re were 3 or 4 pairs available. I picked one out. Condition was designated as Used Very Good. Paid $379.

When I got my headphones in the mail the product box had a tear in it and the cardboard hinged box had a small dent behind the tear.

I checked the headphones they were fine. Not a scuff or mark on them. The headphones had been used apparently by their previous fickle buyer because the balanced cable was bonded with a household twist tie instead of the typical black twist tie the single ended cable had around it.

So aside from a small superficial dent and the retail box having a tear everything met my expectations.

Nonetheless I contacted Amazon chat support. Told them about the tear and the dent. The rep surprised me and asked me if a 20% refund would fine with me and I said “definitely!”. So he gave me $40.31 in the form of a digital gift certificate which went to good use that following week.

In conclusion I got a pair of excellent condition Z7 headphones for $363, which includes local sales tax. Amazon new price was and still is $698.

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11th Feb 2015

Or go big money and buy the z7’s here 😉