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Sony MDR7520 Professional Studio Headphones, Black?

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11th Aug 2017

there are a BUNCH of options, but real quick from amazon I can tell you all of these will be phenomenal. their sound signatures will vary, but the build quality and sound will be excellent. none of them use the technical trickery that Bose is known for:

Sony is known for good gear, and the mdr 7520 are no exception. You’ll even save a bit of money after shipping.

Klipsch too makes great gear, and these studio headphones will save you a hundred bucks and sound much cleaner than the Bose ones no noise cancellation though.

another killer pair of Sonys, these are ultra high resolution (up to an unnecessary 100khz response). between these and the 7520s will be a choice of sound signature

speaking of insanely accurate, these are probably the cheapest planar headphones on the market and reviews are really good of them.

All those are available in the 300-350 price range and much more technically advanced than Bose when it comes to sound. NONE have noise cancellation, because like I said, Bose is still the best at that.