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Sony MDR1AM2 Wired High Resolution Audio Overhead Headphones, Black (MDR-1AM2/B)?

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21st Oct 2021

> I’ve seen some things about Sundaras, but those probably leak too much, right?

Stick with a closed-back. It’s better for you; it’s better for everyone else.

The Sony MDR1Am2 are a good option for an office headphone.

The price on them is elevated right now, but there is a used-like pair available for $193, which is.. reasonable. Or secondipity via eBay has a certified refurb pair for $129 – that’s a solid deal and the way I would go. I have purchased from that seller myself.

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2nd Sep 2021

after exploring higher-end options the Sony MDR1AM2 is where I landed. They sound great, nice balanced cans for music listening. Super comfy (on my regular-sized head), good quality materials, simple, wired & cost-effective. I have a hard time justifying anything at a higher price point ($400 CAD). Amazon did have some factory-2nd’s at a lower price. These pick up guitar over-dubs I’d never noticed on tracks I’ve been listening to for years.

disclaimer: I don’t listen to EDM.

Is there a Sony store near you that you could demo them? Might not be a thing because of covid restrictions, but worth a shot.

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12th Dec 2020

Just a few thoughts:

1) Just due to it’s size and shape, the DT770 is not a headphone that I’d want to be packing back back and forth to the library on a regular basis. It just doesn’t lend itself to portability.

2) The Sony MDR1Am2 is a more portable option and I’ve always thought of it as a great option for the library or office. If you’re comfortable with a refurbished unit, there appears to be one available for $130. That’s a very easy price to say yes to for these headphones. And finally, if you thought you’d be packing them back and forth on a daily basis, I think it’d be well worth a few extra dollars to pick up a clamshell travel case for the extra protection against damage.

3) Had you considered iems as an option?

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8th Apr 2019

I just recently (like, last week) bought a set of Sony MDR-1AM2 headphones – I like them a lot, they sound really clear, you can distinctly hear each individual track/instrument in a song, they are great. I came from a set of Sony MDR-XB950B1 bluetooth headhones – they also sounded really good but I didn’t realize how bass heavy they were and the whole bottom end of songs sound kind of muddy compared to the new phones.

They are going to be my current endgame headphone (I have a pretty small budget for such things), I am really, really happy with them as my first set a real good heaphones.


You can get them off ebay for under $150 if you watch long enough (got mine for $140 with a discount code I had).

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4th Jan 2022

choosing between the Sony MDR-1AM2 and the Audio-Technica ATH-MSR7bBK. Looking to use for gaming, media consumption, and music.

Sony MDR-1AM2 (Amazon)

Audio-Technica ATH-MSR7bBK (Amazon)

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28th Sep 2021

I had a look at https://www.amazon.com/Sony-MDR1AM2-Resolution-Overhead-Headphones/dp/B07BCBT3KC

They say it is a balanced cable (4 wire) and a cable for inline mic.

Might it be it needs a 4.2 mm pentagon?

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26th Nov 2019

Sony MDR-1AM2 currently on special: https://www.amazon.com/Sony-MDR1AM2-Resolution-Overhead-Headphones/dp/B07BCBT3KC/ Free returns, so not penalty in trying as Amazon will pay return shipping.

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2nd Dec 2019

Fair enough. Just wanted to check. I too have smaller than average ear canals, according to my audiologist, and the Spinfit CP100 xs (purple) work well on several iems for me.

I travel with headphones and spend a bit of time in libraries myself. When I think of the close to ideal over ear headphones for the library, the MDR1Am2 always comes to mind.

They don’t completely fold up for transport, but they do fold flat and fit in slim clamshell carrying cases that are easy to stash in a backpack. $198 isn’t exactly the lowest price that I’ve seen for them, so don’t let the “sale” price fool you. But if you scroll through the new & used listings, there is a an Amazon Warehouse pair with only damaged packaging for ~$150. That’s a pretty good price and I would do that without worry.

There’s also a factory refurb pair of the B&O H6gen.2 available right now. That’s an exceptional price for a really nice portable headphone. I have purchased the refurb units myself; they come in a B&O plain box and are indistinguishable from a brand new retail pair. I give the edge for comfort to the Sonys, but I give the edge for sound to these.

The NAD VISO HP50 also seem to get a lot of praise. I haven’t used them myself.

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14th May 2019

Yeah, if you have a need to block out some of the outside noise around you, closed-backs are probably what you’re going to want. Either that, or gaming with in-ear-monitors (iem’s/earphones) is starting to become more common.

My preference leans more toward open-back headphones, but on the affordable side you might look at something like the Sony MDR1A or a BeyerDynamic C1Pro/CustomGame. A decent desktop mic is probably the more ideal option, but the C1Pro does work with the VModa BoomPro if you’d like.

The headphones that I think would probably be right on target for your musical taste are the TR-X00 Mahogany, but if they’re more than you want to spend, I understand completely.

On the budget side, there’s always the CoolerMaster MH-751