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Sony MDR1A Premium Hi-Res Stereo Headphones (Black)?

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16th Jul 2015

They are a good headphone. £90 seems like quite a good price for them, considering that they are 300USD on amazon.

They’re extremely comfy with a nice and warm sound.

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19th Aug 2016
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31st Oct 2021



Also saw people talking about the DT900 Pro X’s having more prominent bass and less punishing treble. Any thoughts?

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7th Sep 2020

I just had a look on Focusrite’s website and they suggest a maximum headphone impedance of 200 ohms for the 2i2. This worries me because that means the DT 880s might not sound their best with the 2i2. However there are plenty of people who use high impedance headphones with this interface and report no problems whatsoever so I guess it’s doable.

If I were to go with the DT 880s I would definitely prefer premium version because of the more comfortable fit and lesser clamping force. The cable does look ridiculously long though, so I’ll have to figure out a way to reduce the length somehow, or just go for the Pro version with the shorter coiled cable. If they sound really nice, I’d definitely be open to using them for casual listening as well. I just meant that since I already have a pair of >$200 closed back headphones, I won’t mind not being able to use my new open headphones outside of mixing.

My Sonys are the MDR-1A and they’re hands down the best pair of headphones I have ever owned. They are insanely comfortable and I can wear them for hours without noticing them. The earpads are soft and cushy and are like having pillows on your ears. They’ve got a lot of bass, but not overpoweringly so, and the treble is quite good as well. My favorite thing about them is definitely the comfort though, which is why I’m so concerned about cheaping out on the K240 since most other headphones I’ve tried hut my ears after 30 minutes of use because I wear glasses.

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17th Sep 2017

I can’t recommend the Sony MDR1A enough for someone that wants portable, bassy headphones.

Here‘s a great review. You would have to stretch the budget a bit, but it’s definitely worth it.

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16th Sep 2017

curious, how do you like the kz zs5? Mine are coming soon.

And maybe the Sony MDR1A


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14th Sep 2017

Oppo PM-3s are a great set of headphones here are the few reasons why:
* Closed-back and over ear headphones (Since you have mentioned that in your post, it’s a no-brainer)
* Have Planar-Magnetic Audio driver. These drivers are usually present in very expensive headphones ($1000+ ).
* Comes with 4 different cables for different devices.
* Extremely natural sound

In fact, these cans have been declared as best over ear headphones in different review roundups
That being said, if you don’t have enough budget, then look out for something like Sony MDR-1A: https://www.amazon.com/Sony-MDR1A-Premium-Hi-Res-Headphones/dp/B00NBMHY58

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20th May 2017

is there a difference between the international version of the MDR-1A you linked and this version?

besides the price, of course.

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1st Dec 2015

Budget: I’d like to avoid going over $300 if possible.

Source: Primarily PS4 games (possibly using mixAmp 2013), but also for PC gaming, and listening to music on my MacBook and iPhone. Most of my collection is normal quality / bitrate stuff, so no need for super high res / high end stuff that only benefits super high quality music file-types (unless games have some weird loss-less audio files I’m not aware of)

No isolation reqs. though I’m okay with closed or open.

I’m going to assume full-sized is the way to go here in terms of quality to $$$, but whatever you guys recommend

I think I’d like an overall neutral total balance.

I currently have a set of 2013 Astro a40s with mixamp for gaming and Klipsch s4i II for non gaming stuff (music, movies). Ideally my new headphones would be good for both of these, with primary focus on gaming stuff (possibly through the mixamp).

Preferred Music: video game music naturally! So basically a little bit of everything, but I guess a good mix of classical and electronic for the most part.

Improve? Definitely a new pair of headphones (would be my first non-IEM outside of Astro a40s) but I’d also like confirmation that the amp I’m using (an Astro a40 2013 mixamp) is sufficient or a recommendation on an alternative.

More info:

I’m in the market for a set of headphones for my PS4. Audio quality for video games is the primary concern, so I’m willing to spend a decent amount as long as it’s worth it. Having the headphones also handle other media well (music, movies, TV shows) is a big plus too. Wired headsets are totally fine but I’ll consider wireless if it’s really worth it.

I currently own Astro a40s (2013 edition), but they’ve been well used and I’m hoping to make an upgrade. At this point I’m strongly considering keeping my a40 mixamp and just buying some quality headphones. Note that I’m totally okay with getting separate inline / external mic so I’d strongly prefer just a normal set of headphones without a permanent mic so that I can use them in non-gaming settings.

One thing I’m not sure about is whether to continue using my current a40 2013 amp, buy a newer a40 TR amp, or using something else entirely to connect to the PS4.

The “real” headphones I’m currently looking at are: Sony MDR1A but after reading this sub for a while I haven’t seen it recommended often so you probably have other suggestions.

Outside of using it on PS4, having them be reasonably portable so that I can use them with my phone and laptop would be a nice bonus, but primary use is in my room all by myself, so sound quality for games, then music is definitely the priority.

One last thing: I’m not a competitive gamer looking for something focused around multiplayer matches or streaming or audio filters that sound like garbage so that I can hear footsteps better or something dumb like that. I occasionally play online and use voice chat and whatnot, but 98% of the time I’m simply looking for an immersive single player experience. I’d like something that sounds good and properly reproduces what the sound designer had in mind when making the game. I used to play with an amazing 7.1 THX certified home theater system when I was living at home, but now that I’m in college I need a pair of headphones instead, but I still want an immersive high quality experience.

Anyway, thanks for the advice!