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Sony MDR-XB250 Extra Bass Headphones Black?

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21st May 2016

https://www.amazon.ca/Sony-MDRXB250-MDRXB250BK-HEADPHONES-OVER-THE-HEAD/dp/B00ND4OM5O These are the headphones i currently have, got them about a year ago. I’m pretty satisfied compared to other brands, but do you think I should upgrade? For price range I’d put the max at $150. I’m not and audiophile or anything, but sound quality is huge to me.

I’m not a regular here so i don’t really know what i’m talking about

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16th Nov 2015

For the template, here you go:

Budget: $100 to $150
Source: Playstation 4 and Xbox One; trying to find something that works as 7.1 VSS on both.
Requirements for Isolation: To be used at home; isolation isn’t of concern.
Preferred Type of Headphone: Full sized (?); not very sure of what full sized stands for, but basically the ones that just go around the ear is my preference.
Preferred tonal balance: I need it for gaming, so balanced and crispy (I guess).
Past headphones: Sony MDR-XB250 Extra Bass Headphones; love this set.
Preferred Music: Electronica (mainly trance)
What would you like to improve on from your set-up – What are you looking for going into your next headphone? More bass? More detail? More treble?: Better overally gaming experience; 7.1 VSS

> That said, I’ll eat my Hifimans if you can’t find something radically better for that much money…

That’s why I didn’t bite (especially when I compared it to the Pulse Elite).

Thank you very much!

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