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15th May 2019

I have the gamut of suggestions that I wish I received gifts on through my career:

1) Laptop Riser – I can’t find online the one I bought, but I believe it’s aviation grade aluminum. Super light, fold-able to a very level you can easily carry in a backpack. It will save visits to the chiropractor and neck pain to look at your screen eye level. I can’t tell you how many staff have bad posture, neck/back pain from hunching over a laptop

2) Noise Cancelling Headphones – I bought these Sony’s and they are incredible for noisy offices, have great battery life, and enough quality to satisfy audiophiles as an “everyday” pair. The battery life is great.

The price for these refurbs on Amazon are great (I bought mine new).

The hype is real on this model. Best sound for the buck, wish I bought them sooner.



A good pair of quality earbuds with the voice microphone too is a must for those moments you need to listen to things more discreet or hop on a Zoom / Skype call.


3) ZIPPING Leather Folio – If her firm doesn’t provide one already, a folio that ZIPS is clutch because you can throw whatever loose items you have (coins, business cards, extra pens) and it won’t get lost in the sea of junk in your backpack

4) Cord organizer – my backpack has so many different USB cables, dongles, and attachments I could really use a backpack with better pockets and places for the cables, or a cable management/organization tool

5) French Press – Coffee at most CPA offices suck especially when you’re in Flavia country. Hot water though is almost invariably available. Client sites usually have shitty coffee too. I keep a hand grinder and french press in my car (no joke) for audits when the client coffee is shitty (I’ll bring a bag of coffee beans from home).

6) USB C HDMI/Hub/Adapter/ Reader


Something like this. My IT doesn’t have these, but I brought the one I got issued from another firm into my current firm. Our laptops have one USB C port and one regular USB port – totally unacceptable. If one port is taken up by my Logitech dongle for mouse and keyboard – I only have the USB C port to go on, and I need a hub for more attachments.


My firm does have these, because we have so many monitors with different adapters and laptops are now retiring ports except displayport/HDMI.

My laptop also didn’t come with a hardwire LAN connection, also why I’m glad I had the hub from my old firm because for downloading massive files – WiFI sucks.

7) “Care Package” – I have this already stuffed in my backpack, but a nice little “extra” gift would be a small zippered bag of meds. I have ibuprofen, allergy meds, a few bandaids and wipes for paper cuts, hand sanitizer (100% MUST), emergency tin of breath mints (you’d be surprise how many clients and coworkers have butt breath), and various cold medicine (sudafed) and because I am stuffy in allergy season I keep flonase handy. A few benadryl just in case, but i never use it (makes you too drowsy to work). I also keep a packet of tissues because you can’t rely on the client having anything to blow your nose in.

8) Business Case – I got one from my state CPA society, but I’ve seen some in novelty stores like Daiso from Japan for just a few bucks or less. That’s the place to go. Just something to keep the cards clean and unscuffed.

9) Portable USB Power Bank with high capacity – Anything less than 10,000 mah is a waste of time. They’ve got 30,000 mah banks that could get you through days worth of phone charges without recharging. You want those.

Some clients don’t have power strips or you’ll be fighting for plugs with your team in an audit site.