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Sonic Alert SBP100 Portable Loud Vibrating Alarm Clock?

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28th Dec 2018

This is my alarm clock.

It’s small enough that I put it in the corner of my pillowcase. I only use the shaking function and the beeping is not very loud anyway.

The snooze is only 4 min and you can’t set multiple alarms or anything fancy, but it’s small enough to take with you. Uses 2AA and 1 AAA battery.

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20th Feb 2021

I’m literally in the same position as you, literally. I just started a big internship last month and have woken up 2–3 hours late on several occasions even though it’s remote. I got a write up today as well. What a coincidence!

My issue is primarily with sleep so hopefully this is somewhat helpful to you. But it sounds like you could use an extra hour in the morning? To get ready and/or energize yourself to not space out too much.

I’m a work-in-progress so I recently bought <strong>this alarm</strong> ($24) that vibrates/rings like crazy. I also talked to my psychiatrist and she recommended me to get some <strong>melatonin drops</strong> ($6) and a <strong>10,000 LUX light therapy lamp</strong> ($19). Turning on the lamp in the morning helps reset your circadian rhythm over time and makes you feel less groggy/sluggish/depressed (must have a 10,000 LUX count to be effective).

However, you have to manually turn it on which is no good if you’re starting out this process of resetting your sleep schedule like I am. So I also got a <strong>light alarm clock</strong> ($80) which simulates a sunrise, then lights up your entire room. It has a much lower LUX count but is strong enough just to wake you up.

My sleep is pretty bad so this is definitely a large investment but look into those items and see what might help you get an extra hour in the morning. I plan on:

  1. Taking melatonin drops one hour before I should sleep (9pm to knockout at 10pm)
  2. Having my light alarm clock fully lit by the time I need to wake up (6am)
  3. Having my physical alarm turned on just in case I oversleep (6:30am)
  4. Hopefully being online and ready to work (7am) which is when I would turn on the light therapy lamp so I don’t fall asleep at my desk

You’re not alone. Good luck!

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25th Aug 2019

Get one of these alarms

They are really helpful.