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SONGMICS Standing Desk Chair, Adjustable Ergonomic Standing Stool, 23.6-33.3 Inches, Swivel Sitting Balance Chair, Anti-Slip Bottom Pad, Black UOSC02BK?

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20th Jun 2021

i know the occulus players are new but for a very long time devs have made it pretty clear that this game is intended as a physically active experience. thats also why we have to bend over to grab individual things off the ground instead of the standard VR magnet pull feature that you see anywhere else. but i think thats where shifting perspective in a sitdown mode causes problems. if youre already sitting down IRL and you need to grab something off the ground youd have to fall off the chair to reach the thing, or break your knuckles trying to reach through your floor.

games that encourage sitdown play, and most VR games in general, always have that magnet pull. and if thats what you mean here by “official seated play support” you wont be seeing it. over the years people occasional ask for this but its just not going to happen. i dont think they can officially shoot it down without PR issues but the design seems pretty clear, as does the dismissal of this request every time it comes up. I know steam VR has ways to offset position to make this perspective shift happen. facebook VR might have something as well. but itll never feel perfect.

One solution i sometimes use if i get tired is a stool made for a sit/stand desk. it sort of lets you sit and stand at the same time. you end up a little bit shorter but can still recover from foot and back fatigue. and you can get up quickly when needed. i use this one.