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15th Dec 2020

> How do you find the Brause rose? My local art store only has Hunt nibs

Of my Hunt nibs, I think the Rose is closest to the 101 — big and soft and easy to use, with nice fat swells for huge line variation. It’s my go-to for calligraphy.

I just finished a dragon drawing with Hunt 101 & 102 nibs, and really like them. The 101 gave me more line-thickness control for the outlines. And I’m new to the 102 & other crow quills – but they sure made the detail work so much easier!

> I like the 101, 103, and 108

I haven’t had hard starting with my Hunt 108, Maybe try cleaning between the tines? Sometimes when a nib is finicky, that helps me.

But I do find the 108 difficult to control – it’s so soft it’s easy to make a fat line when I wanted something finer. It’s one I want to practice with ’cause I think I’d like it if I were more skilled 🙂

> accidental ink dumping

have you tried writing on a slope? lately, I’ve been using this lap desk; but I’ve also used just a clipboard propped up on books.

When the pen is held more horizontal, gravity isn’t pulling the ink directly toward the page & I get fewer blots.


Your Owl Bear is very cute. I’ll post my dragon on r/dippens after I mail it to my secret santa; but I based mine on clip-art that I traced a few times ’till it looked more like the dragon I was sending it to – so I’m still in the “can copy reference but it just looks like the reference” art phase.