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Soehnle 63308 Solar Sense Digital Bath Scale?

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17th Sep 2015

The scale would drop into a tray. The tray is the part that could be “installed” in place of a tile. Here’s a scale that’s less than 1″ thick, and if they wanted one thinner I’m pretty sure they could do it. Piezo strain gauges are very thin. We’re not talking about the old mechanical styles. No way would I suggest re-doing a whole floor to raise it just for a scale installation. Please…
Rugged design? It wouldn’t have to be any more rugged than this one. Water in the well. Sure, it’s a bathroom scale – so it needs to be water-proof, just like all modern bathroom scales. Take look at the picture of this one, and you can see it could be made thinner if they needed to. Just no reason to do so yet I’m guessing.