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SNAILAX Memory Foam Massage Mat with Heat, 6 Therapy Heating pad,10 Vibration Motors Massage Mattress Pad, Full Body Massager Cushion Relieve Neck, Back, Waist, Legs?

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2nd Apr 2020

Not an acupressure mat, but I got a Snailax massage mat on amazon and it’s been wonderful for relieving muscular pain.

An average person or someone with more weight on them might find the motors too weak, but for someone like us the strength of the vibrating motors is just enough for pain relief without going overboard and hurting us. A common issue with massage chairs is that they are designed for people without chronic pain and will constrict your body’s tender points. A massage mat lets you move around and decide where you want to apply pressure.

For the Snailax massage mat, there are 3 different price tiers. I managed to get the most expensive one which has all 10 motors and full heating across the mat for $77 discounted. Usually these mats are around $75-$100 depending on what tier you get. If you can wait for a discount I would highly recommend getting the more expensive one.

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13th Dec 2018

I wouldn’t typically think massage motors aim to actually emit any sort of frequency that would seem very inefficient for a motor.

It’s this model:


Regardless I appreciate your input and thank you for elaborating on the concerns. Have a nice night!

Edit: I figure to alleviate concern we will hold off till consult.