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SMS Audio SMS-DJ-GRY Street by 50 Cent Wired DJ Headphones – Grey?

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7th Oct 2015

My employer is discontinuing their employee incentive program so I have a few Awardperqs to use up, and I have the option of purchasing more to cover the difference. These are on special in their catalog and they would end up costing me around $60. Should I do it? I’m not much of an audiophile, so I don’t think I could appreciate some really high end headphones, but these seem like they would be a good medium ground, durable, pretty decent headphones for everyday use. I am a little skeptical of the celebrity endorsement, especially after hearing every trash Beats for so long, but it sounds like 50 Cent isn’t just selling his name for a quick buck. The reviews I’ve read seem to be overall good. Thanks!