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Smoke Eraser V3- Gets 1500 Exhales, 5X Any Other Sploof. Value Unmatched at Only 1 Cent per Hit. HighTimes 5 Star Rating. Keeps Moisture from HEPA. Conceal All Odor & Smoke. Buddy, Tool for Privacy?

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13th Sep 2020

Then I suggest this.

I don’t recommend a cheaper knock offs btw, as the filter in the legit product is better; So it lasts longer basically, and is more efficient.

I dont notice the smell because I live in a mix of college town and poor areas so everyone smells like weed lmao. 2 years ago my wife and I went to Target close to Christmas Eve time. Everyone was sooo high… like it was packed too, everyone was high. The smell was potent just from it lingering in the aisles lmao. Bloodshot eyes all around lol. Naturally I was having a dry spell and didn’t even have any #bummer