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SmartGuard Elite Dental Guard (2 Guards) + Storage Case & 2 Months of Cleaning Crystals – TMJ Dentist Designed Night Guard for Clenching & Grinding. Made in USA?

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23rd Aug 2020

OK… I’m gonna give you my experience with night guards. All types, for decades now. This is thorough (long!).

The most important thing you need to remember about night guards, is that they do not stop you from clenching or grinding. All they do is prevent your teeth from touching each other so that you aren’t breaking your teeth, which means needing crowns, or other dental work….How do I know this? I have had five crowns done including a few root canals because I cracked so many of my back teeth.

Next, there are three basic types of night guards that you can buy over the counter. The first one is the one OP mentions. It covers your entire upper teeth. The second type only goes between your back molars, and the third kind separates your jaw at your front teeth.

Here’s my experience with all of them.

The kind that fit over your entire top teeth, like Cheeky are super uncomfortable to wear because they force your mouth to stay open so you become a mouth breather. It’s uncomfortable on the jaw, and your mouth gets really dry. I would wake up in the middle of the night lying on it because it was so uncomfortable I was taking it out while sleeping. It is my least favorite and have not worn one in a decade. Never will again.

Second, the kind that just fits over/between your front teeth (both top and bottom) was my most favorite (from the dentist that is). They do make those over-the-counter (Amazon, but I had one from the dentist which was made out of very hard polymer. Worked great, because it kept my back teeth from touching each other without forcing me to sleep with my mouth open. But, it had a very bad consequence that has only just recently occurred within the last six months; as I stated earlier because they do not stop you from clenching or grinding, it ended up chipping my front teeth! Because the polymer is so hard, and you’re clenching/grinding so hard, your teeth crack. So now I had to have my front teeth bonded. That said, I have not tried the over-the-counter ones that only fit on your front teeth (like above), but I definitely would give those a shot first because it’s not hard plastic… it’s kind of squishy which seems more forgiving to your teeth and therefore probably less likely to crack them.

The one I use now is this link. It is my favorite by far because it goes between your back molars only, and that little front part goes in front of your bottom teeth so it doesn’t force your mouth open all night. It’s not expensive, and in my opinion well worth investigating.

All three I had made at the dentist eventually ended up in the trash. Lots and lots of money down the drain because of course insurance doesn’t pay for them. The little front tooth one alone was over $500. So, take it from me, or not, I would try the last two first (still cheaper than the dentist).

Hope that helps and good luck. It’s a lifelong problem but if you don’t wear a guard religiously you’ll do looooots of damage to your teeth (big $$$).

Oh, to add: TMJ gives me migraines. You can get Botox for migraines through a neurologist and it’s usually covered by insurance. Medical insurance, NOT dental, but you can NOT say it’s for TMJ. However, in your first Botox visit you explain to your doc that you feel your migraines are “exacerbated” by clenching your jaw at night, and then s/he will inject your masseter(s). Mine also does my trapezoid on that same side because it’s all such a mess… so you’re now getting your tmj Botox covered. I go every three months.

Of course you need insurance but once you get it again you’re good to go (hopefully… might need to start mentioning your “migraines” to your PCP for a neurologist referral).

Told you I’d be thorough!