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Smart KVM Switch, 8 Port Manual Key Press dvr Switch VGA USB Remote Extension Switcher Console with 8pc Original Cable Suit for 6 Port KVM kvm switches?

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26th Jul 2021

Just thought I’d share my little weekend project, a kvm switch + rack-mounted setup to use my extra monitor/keyboard/mouse for all my servers.

As much as I love those fancy pull out laptop style kvm switches they cost waaay too much so this is my solution instead.

The whole setup cost me about $140 not including the screen/keyboard/mouse which I already had. For an 8 port rackmount usb kvm setup I think that’s a pretty fair deal

A pleasant surprise was to find out that the cheap wall mount VESA mount I ordered actually lined up with the rack wholes and I could mount it directly using standard rack bolts + washers.

Overall I’m pleased with the result, the keyboard tray is kind of heavy so the monitor setup wobbles a bit but it’s still very usable, if I were to do it again I’d probably look for something lighter.

If anyone is interested in doing something similar these are the parts I used:

KVM Switch


Keyboard Tray

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27th Jun 2021

I’ve been toying around with the idea of getting one of these, and see if Pi-KVM can emulate the signals from the remote (connects via Micro USB).