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10th Sep 2014

Thanks so much for the detailed info! I will look up some of the exercises and syndromes you mentioned.

As for a cervical pillow, is there any particular brand or style you recommend? Do you like memory foam or suggest some other type material? And what are your thoughts on the level of firmness? I’ve been using a side sleeper pillow for quite some time that seemed like it would be a great choice, but hasn’t turned out so well, I guess. Here it is: Sleep Joy Pillow. Seeing that notch for the shoulder made me think it was genius, but the slightly mounded-up corners on either side of that notch seem to sort of smoosh into my nose and chin. Again, I bought this pillow back before it ever occurred to me that simply putting my arm under the pillow could be doing me all sorts of harm in and of itself. Now that I know, it makes perfect sense, what with all the nerves being compressed and joints being hyperextended.

Thanks again for your advice. 🙂