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Sleeping Eye Mask by Simple Health, Sleep & Insomnia Blindfold Contoured for Men, Women, Girls, Kids and for Travel, Meditation, Puffy Eyes & Dark Circles, Free Ear Plugs & Carry Pouch, Midnight Blue?

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26th Jun 2018

Sure thing. This is the mask I bought. I usually put the gel layer in the fridge for about half an hour before going to sleep, and the coolness is soothing.

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13th Jun 2019

I know this may seem kinda different?

But I used one of these eye mask when I was in graduate school. Sometimes I would use it for just 5 minutes mid-day just to feel refreshed. I loved the cooling effect, especially in the hot southern summers, and the heated effect is nice at night to relax for bed. (This is a product I continue to use even now)

Speaking of products I still use, I can’t say enough about a facial spray. It can do wonders when you are feeling drowsy, icky or just need a little pick-me-up to keep going through the day (and sometimes night?).

I haven’t used this PARTICULAR product, but stress balls/hand exercisers are great to help you process things in your mind while keeping your hands busy. Here is a set of three that you can get on amazon.

Best wishes and Good luck to your friend. You are so kind for putting something like this together for her in a time that will be fast paced and, likely, stressful.