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Sleep Mask, Voluex 3D Contoured Sleeping Eye Mask & Blindfold with Breathable Memory Foam for Men/Women/Kids, 100% Blockout Light Grey Eye Cover with Anti-Slip Adjustable Strap for Travel/Naps?

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24th Jan 2020

Yes. Buy this sleep mask:

I was having some of the same issues, chances are that your sleep isn’t very restful meaning that you’re not actually sleeping 8 hours the way you think you are.

Get this or tape blackout curtains to your window frames because getting sleep is absolutely what you need.

Also consider picking up a hobby you can do by yourself. Play some single player videogames. Carve wood. Stain wood. Build something. Fix something in your house every night. Take up knitting or quilting. Learn magic. Teach yourself card tricks. Practice a language at night. Watch some Twitch tv or a youtuber to kill some time. Cook more or learn how to cook different food – Indian is amazing and your partner will appreciate the breakfast. Teach yourself something artistic like painting or drawing. Get into crafting things and making stuff.

There are lots of things you can do alone, I’ve been playing the new pokemon game myself.

As for being tired, make sure you’ve got the environment you need to sleep. It’s hard sleeping with a partner who wants to be able to open the curtains in the day and has a different schedule from you (I’m in the same boat). Sit down with your SO and talk to them about what you need to get better sleep. If that’s not the issue, you might be feeling this way for another reason and may want to consider therapy. Eating diner food often at night also probably isn’t helping your energy levels so changing your diet to something more wholesome might be better. I buy a lot of Soylent for days when I don’t feel like cooking or don’t have time to eat at work, you can buy it on amazon or their website.

Make sure you take the steps to help yourself feel better. Talk to your partner about this stuff, they might have insight and a new perspective on it. If you keep feeling bad, reach out to a professional for help.