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Sleep Headphones Bluetooth Headband,Upgrage Soft Sleeping Wireless Music Sport Headbands, Long Time Play Sleeping Headsets with Built in Speakers Perfect for Workout, Running, Yoga (Black)?

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23rd May 2021

If you’re not married to the idea of earbuds specifically, you could maybe try a Bluetooth headband like this? The sound quality wouldn’t be as good, of course, but it would mitigate the falling out problem.

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10th Jun 2021

There are soft headbands that have speakers in them and are Bluetooth.


Like that.

Melatonin itself increases the amount and length of rem sleep, it also makes it more likely that you remember them. It’s possible that it could effect the content of dreams but overall not that likely. Although adverse physical side effects could end up causing nightmares indirectly.

It is possible that the kind of nightmares you have going in and out of sleep, and nightmares right as you fall asleep or wake up could be triggered by it, just like a very very very very very mild version of ambien night terrors or baby sleep paralysis.

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9th Mar 2021

I have this one and I really like it. I usually charge it like once a week (maybe a little longer depending on how long it took to fall asleep).

The only con is the ear speakers are really far apart. I have a big ol head and it works for me but someone with a smaller head might have problems lol. But generally I really like it! I’m someone who always needs some sound to fall asleep and this is actually a comfortable solution.

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13th Oct 2020

I’ve never been able to sleep with buds, even these, too much pressure and pain inside my ear.

This is what I use for sleep