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Sleekform Atlanta Ergonomic Kneeling Chair – Home Office Desk Stool for Back Posture Support, Comfortable Cushions, Angled Seat, Wheels, Rolling, Black?

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23rd Mar 2017

I actually got lucky and found mine at Goodwill. It was $20. It’s not very pretty or high quality but it gets the job done. This one looks to be the highest rated on Amazon.

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22nd Aug 2020

About a year ago I had L5-S1 herniation out to the side and into the nerve area that caused a lot of nerve pain in my back and hip and numbness in my leg.

I tried PT for a few months but I found that just aggravated the nerves, so I ended up getting a steroid injection and that worked really well.

Over the last year there have been small flare-ups but I’ve been able to keep them at bay with light stretches, anti-inflammatories, and rest.

The thing that’s helped the most (since I sit a lot too) is changing my chair. Sitting too long seems to be the biggest thing that aggravates the issue, and I’ve switched to a kneeling chair like this, which takes ALL the pressure off my lower back.

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30th Mar 2019

I’ve been using knee chairs for a while now and it’s helped my back .
This one to be exact.
Also got a standing desk for when i’m just tired of sitting.