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Skullcandy Crusher Headphones with Built-in Amplifier and Mic, Black?

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21st Dec 2015

Same here, but then again, I have these just to listen to things like this and get that crazy ear shattering bass feel.

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15th Jun 2017

I’m trying to buy a new pair of Headphones for my SO. He’s got kind of a big head and he wears his stuff into the ground, so something durable or long-lived would be nice. They’ll be primarily used for gaming, but he doesn’t need a mic. No amp.

Budget – $100

Source – PC

Requirements for Isolation – Indoors, unlikely to ever leave the room. Closed/Open not a super concern, but he may prefer closed.

Preferred Type of Headphone – Full Sized?

Preferred tonal balance – Balanced? The Crushers (below) sound very flat to me.

Past headphones – He’s worn his Skullcandy Crushers into the ground, gone through about four cords, and the pads are starting to flake. Personally, I think the band is starting to dent his noggin’ and maybe something more comfortable would be better. He’s tried my Seinnheiser HD558’s but he doesn’t like the fit.

Preferred Music – Loads of different stuff. He likes a bunch of older bands (Inkspots, old Jazz), Marley, but also a bunch of Soundtracks (Games, Movies).

I’ve looked at some of the recommendations and I’m kind of interested in AKG K 240 MKII but I’m concerned about fit, wear, and what feelings are here.

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15th Mar 2017

Vibrating earphones with a little transducer in each cup like the older skullcandy crushers add a little bit to the immersion. I haven’t seen a report of the few I have seen of anyone trying it and not liking it, even over their high end headphones. Rosewill also made a vibrating set (USB though) you might still be able to find, cyberreality had a pair and didn’t have anything bad to say about them.