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Skinfood Egg White Foam Cleanser – Pore Tightener and Minimizer – Great For Oily and Sensitive Skin, 5.0 Fluid Ounce?

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11th Mar 2018

This is my cleanser. I would say it is not harsh at all, I’m surprised to hear it described at such. It’s probably super important to add that I’m using it with the Nooni, which dilutes it a tad since you add water, and you’re only using pure foam!!

I had previously been using Neutrogena which was stripping my skin really badly, and since swapping over to this one my skin feels amazing, more soft and moisturized.

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18th Jun 2015

It’s this stuff! She sent me a sample of it and I tried it last night. It has a whipped, foamy texture and it left my skin feeling so moisturized! I’m definitely going to order a full bottle!

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22nd Feb 2018

They’re the most common to find (at least 1 of these in every major subway stop, I’d say) stores, imo. If there is a brand you want outside of these, you’ll need to figure out where physically it is in Seoul because otherwise your friend probably won’t find it (unless they speak fluent Korean).

I’d say if you are really that curious, you can just look up pricing online. I will take Skinfood’s Egg White Pore Foam as an example. (Even though Skinfood is a particularly common k-brand in the US, imo.) Ulta sells it for $11.00 and Amazon sells it for $9.99 (currently). RoseRose has it normally prices for ₩9,000 but currently has it on sale for ₩5,850 (but you have to pay shipping).

If you look at the Korean Skinfood website, it is normally priced ₩9000 in stores and is currently on sale for ₩6300 (these prices include tax. yay Korea!). So depending on how your normally buy your stuff, and what you’re buying, it may or may not be worth it to you. I’d do a bit of research and compile a list/map for my friend that way it’s as easy as possible for someone who is going out of their way for you. 🙂

I know that when I hit up Korea, I usually like to do three things: get in on the 10+10 sheet mask deals and stock up, go to the stores which are harder to access product in the US (aka Nature Republic & they goddamn amazing aloe products), and buy new products that are limited edition/that wouldn’t have tried otherwise because of price.

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12th Jul 2017

Skin Type: Normal/Dry | Country/Climate I’m in: NYC | Top Skin Concern: Keeping skin hydrated, keeping pores small, getting rid of acne scars

Current Routine/Products I’m Using:


Splash water on face or use face wash (was using Skinfood Egg White Pore Foam, and just recently switched to Etude House Wonder Pore).

Klairs Supple Preparation Toner

Klairs Vitamin C Drop Serum

Dr.Jart+ Cicapair Tiger Grass 30+ SPF


Innisfree Olive Cleansing Tissue

Face wash – same as morning, was using Skinfood Pore Foam, now using Etude House Wonder Pore

Klairs toner (same as above)

Klairs Vitamin C drop (same as above)

Innisfree Wine Jelly Sleeping Pack

I specifically [want help with/am looking for a product to/am curious about trying]… Wondering if my routine can be critiqued! I want to work more on fading acne scars, so I think I need a stronger vitamin C serum than the Klairs one, if anyone has a recommendation. Also, if I use a stronger one, should I not use it in the morning because then I get sun exposure? Also definitely looking for a good exfoliator to use a couple times a week – I do not have one. I also really want to work on getting plump, dewy, glowing skin. My skin right now feels kinda blah. I’ve recently starting using this propolis sheet mask which is working great.