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SK II Facial Treatment Essence 230ml/7.67oz?

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19th Apr 2017

So, it all depends. I personally don’t feel like Japan duty free is much of a “deal” unless you’re from a country where everything you bring back is heavily taxed. If you’re coming from the US, you’ll be better off buying any SK-II at a department store or discounted cosmetics retailer (there’s a bunch in Shibuya and Shinjuku) that does “tax free” for tourists. You basically spend ¥10,000 ($100 USD, give or take) and take your receipt to the tax counter for a cash tax refund.

On Japanese Amazon, I can get the 230ml bottles for ¥12,200 and free shipping with my Japanese Prime account — SOOOOO much cheaper than what Haneda duty free had the other day.