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Sissel Soft Orthopedic Pillow Plus, Incl. Pillow Cover Ivory Neck Support?

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13th Jan 2019

Sure. I first tried various pillows, mainly this one and also this one with water. The first felt ok when my head was facing upwards but not so much once my head lied on the side. The second one was very interesting to try, I experimented with various quantities of water in it, but it did not work out. Plus having my head on a unstable surface due to the water actually worsened my dizzyness/vertigo. I really wanted something like the first one but which whould support my head on the sides so that even if I fall asleep my head would more or less stay facing upwards.

That’s why I first gave the Arc4life cervical traction pillow a try, and it was awesome for me. There are many sizes/variants so take your time to make your research if you plan to order one.

Btw also have a look at two items I just added to my list, the Levo and the Halu head rest. Take care. Hope this helps.