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14th Feb 2021

Well, if you’re describing your face as “greasy,” it sounds like you have pretty oily skin.

I’d suggest you stop washing your face in the shower, because generally the temperature of water in which we bathe is usually too hot for our delicate facial skin.

Here’s a very general routine recommendation from the bit of information you’ve given:

Get yourself a nice foaming cleanser, a light hydrating moisturizer, and a good spf. Wearing spf is the most important thing to do to prevent aging!

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28th Jan 2019

I agree with all the suggestions below. r/SkincareAddiction has really changed the way I view skincare and my skin in general. What is your current skincare routine? Are you using any specific products currently? I can post my routine if that’ll help, I don’t have the exact same skin type but pretty close (I’m sensitive skin but prone to acne). I’ve also put links to most of my stuff as i get it all at Target




I do agree that it would probably be helpful to go to a derm if you can. I have dandruff as well and one of the only things that has help is ketoconazole shampoo from the derm. You can get a less concentrated version at Target called Nizoral

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3rd Mar 2022

My skincare routine? Super simple, because I am lazy AF. I use micellar water with the bumpy side of exfoliating cotton pads (this brand is my favorite) in the AM and PM. I follow it up in the PM with Glossier’s aptly named Solution with the soft side of the cotton pads and finish the teeniest tiniest bit of gel moisturizer as needed on dry spots like my cheeks. I do a full cleanse 2x a week (and/or after I wear makeup) in the shower. For a cleanser I am currently using the Glossier milky jelly cleanser but I don’t think I will repurchase since unlike the Solution I don’t think it’s worth the high price tag. Pacifica makes a slightly cheaper copycat that I’m going to try next but may just go back to the Simple brand one. If my acne is flaring up like around my period or something, I will use The Ordinary’s Peeling Solution after I cleanse in the shower, but it can be really irritating to my skin so I try to save it for emergencies.

Now that its all written out it seems complicated, but it isn’t, I promise. Basically just keep your unwashed fingers away from your face, keep your skin clean but don’t go crazy scrubbing because you’ll destroy your moisture barrier, drink lots of water. A big thing is to take your makeup off ASAP because makeup is basically just expensive dirt- your skin doesn’t know the difference between concealer and mud, your pores are getting clogged either way. Micellar water is a miracle product because it takes off makeup and moisturizes at the same time and it’s so goddamned cheap, I don’t know why I never hear anyone talk about it.

Disclaimer, I eat a pretty healthy vegan diet and have cut out all drinks except water and coffee- just these two things made a world of difference with my acne, but obviously those choices were unrelated to my acne itself so I’m not saying you should change your whole life just to make your skin look a little better, so ymmv.

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12th Sep 2020

Cerave has a lot of oil in it, I recommend Simple brand hydrating gel face moisturizer. It’s on Amazon. Here’s the link to it